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Why Yoga?

Have you ever wanted to move your body but didn't have the motivation to go to the gym or do a 'work-out'? Or maybe you have physical or mental pain that stops you from exercising?

Well, YOGA is the best of both worlds - you can strengthen the body through moving in a way that discovers your limits without the pain and pressure of doing an intense workout and feel good afterwards.

'I've been practicing yoga for years now and I'll admit, my initial thoughts of yoga...'Boring!’

However, I'm here to change that. My yoga classes will offer exercises that challenges the body and the mind to reach places you didn't know you could before. 

We're here to find out where our limits are, both physically and mentally!

At the same time, you will learn more about the philosophy of yoga, new breathing techniques, poses and relaxation methods for the mind ~ What better?

A Variety of Yoga classes to suit all adults of all abilities from beginners to Intermediates.


A Variety of Yoga classes to suit all adults of all abilities from beginners to Intermediates.

Personalised Yoga for individuals or groups who are looking for a specific Yoga session.

me, myself & i.

Hello and Welcome to my Yoga page!

'I'm a born and bred 'Welshie' living on Anglesey,  where I work as a Primary School Teacher mainly supporting children's health and well-being through Yoga and mindfulness lessons.

I am guilty of having the 'travel bug' since I left 6th form and went to work as a Lifeguard in Camp America. Following my travels all around the U.S, I was eager to travel and experience more cultures and it wasn't long until I completed an International year studying Education in Finland - The land that priorities well-being over anything else and the place I fundamentally found my love for Yoga but also the love for myself.

Since then, I am committed to practicing, sharing and inspiring others to discover a love for Yoga and self-care practices as much as I have.

Enjoy YOUR journey.

Cari Wyn x

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